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○Private car
  • From Kumamoto City:

Head east on Prefectural Route 337 and immediately enter Otsu-cho Old Road.

  • From Kikuchi City:

Go south on Route 325 and get off at the old Otsu-cho road.

     Right turns are prohibited at this intersection. be careful!!

  • From Aso:

Head west on Route 57 and enter the old Otsu-cho road.

  • From Nishihara and Mashiki:

Enter the Otsu Bypass via the Jinnai intersection and the airport, and exit onto the old road.


  • Sanko Bus:

Get off at the bus stop called "Kogabaru Iriguchi" and it's right in front of you.


Please get off at Higo Otsu station and come by bus or taxi.

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